illuminating altered metabolic signaling in cancer




Bar-Peled (BP) Lab is now recruiting new lab members.  We are looking for researchers who are ambitious, motivated, and unafraid to go in the directions that their research takes them. Our research is interdisciplinary and as such we look for members from diverse backgrounds. Success in research comes not only from persistence, creativity, and focus but also mentorship. Throughout my scientific career, I have been fortunate to work with scientific leaders who have mentored me and thus, mentorship is a high priority. We are committed to providing an exciting research environment that will allow you to reach your maximum scientific potential and a mentoring environment that will help you pursue your broader goals.

The following positions are currently open. Please email Liron and include your CV and contact information for three references.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral fellows interested in combining molecular, chemical and proteomic approaches to address fundamental questions in metabolic signaling are encouraged to apply. A background in cellular or chemical biology is highly desirable. Applicants with a pure synthetic chemistry background who wish to use their chemical expertise to interrogate biological problems are very welcome as well. Email Liron with a Cover letter your CV and contact information for three references. 

PhD Candidates & Master’s Students

Doctoral students and masters students interested in helping us understand how cells respond to altered metabolic states using cutting edge molecular and chemical platforms should apply. Doctoral students interested in a rotation should email Liron to set a up a time to meet. Current masters students hoping to work in the lab as a visiting student (6-12 month duration) to complete your thesis are also welcome. We are looking for enthusiastic and curious individuals who share our passions.

Research Technicians & Research Assistants

We are seeking highly motivated candidates who enjoy conducting research and involving themselves in the dynamic life of the laboratory.  She or he will have the opportunity to become involved with all the steps of research being completed by our group.  The experience gained in the lab will be useful for pursuing a career as a researcher or physician.   College degree with a preference in biology, molecular biology, or biochemistry. Candidates with a computational background are also welcome to apply. 1-3 years of independent research experience is required. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, organized, and able to work independently as well as part of a team in a challenging environment. Excellent communication and organizational skills are necessary. Email Liron with a Cover letter your CV and contact information for three references. Your cover letter should indicate your career goals and employment timeline, your laboratory skill set and previous research experience. 

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who have completed relevant coursework and wish to begin conducting biomedical research as part of their thesis project are welcome to apply. Indicate how much time you plan to spend in the lab and what your goals are.